Yarn bowl (sapele and idigbo)

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Sapele and idigbo yarn bowl

* Please note - because this piece took so long to make, similar ad-hoc yarn bowls won't be appearing regularly in case nobody wants them, which would make me sad. I would be more than happy, however, to take individual orders so email info@woodsmithery.co.uk if you'd like to commission one!

Materials: Sapele, idigbo
Total height: 120mm
Internal depth: 110mm
External diameter (widest): 145mm
Internal diameter: 110mm
Top opening: 105mm 

Featuring three layers of sapele and two of idigbo, this subtly-contrasting yarn bowl has been finished with a gentle walnut oil sheen rather than a high gloss, giving the piece so much warmth that you just have to pick it up and run it around in your hands.

The flowing curves of the spiral have been carved entirely by hand and the entire piece has been carefully hand-sanded to a very fine 400 grit, ensuring no snags whatsoever as the yarn feeds through.

I'm the first to admit that I don't know the first thing about knitting (I'm more of a macrame type of bloke), but in terms of capacity, the white ball of wool in the pictures is 110mm in diameter and the bowl holds it absolutely perfectly. The slightly undercut rim makes sure it stays there, too.

Yarn bowls might ultimately be a tool, but this lovely thing is more than just function...

** measurements are approximate