Pinecone box/pot

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Materials: Pinecones / resin / gold plated metal hinge
Height: 90mm
Diameter: 90mm
Inside depth: 50mm

We're biased, obviously, but we think this is one of the loveliest things Woodsmithery has ever made. Most people would call it a "pot" but turners prefer the word "box" even though that's what Amazon deliveries come in.
Regardless, look at it... just look at it. It's lush.

We've gathered pinecones from the woodland around Woodsmithery Towers and set them in resin coloured with yellow and orange mica powders, giving the whole thing beautiful swirly depth and shimmery gorgeousness. The shape has been kept simple to let the pinecones do the talking, and the hinged lid gives a delicate click as it closes, but is still easy to open.
This is a satisfyingly-solid piece and is reassuringly weighty as a result, making it ideal for special bits and bobs or jewellery.

* measurements are approximate
* 50p for scale only, but for an extra £1 it's yours