Large fruit bowl (ebonised oak)

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Ebonised oak fruit bowl - 17 inches

Material: Oak
Diameter: 420mm
Height: 100mm

There are two stories that go with this stunning fruit bowl.
The first is that the wood is from the only tree ever felled by Woodsmithery - a 60ft oak which had long since died. The trunk was sectioned, and this was the first piece to be dried in our workshop kiln, which we built ourselves for this exact purpose.

The second story is that it has been ebonised deep black using a product called Staffordshire Black ( which is our very own creation and was launched for other woodturners in the autumn of 2020.

Having said all that, the thing you should know is that this is a big bowl - a statement piece, if you will. It needs lots of fruit in it. If you were inclined to simply display a single apple in it, however, you'd still see all of that gorgeous shiny grain inside. Decisions, decisions...

...fruity or beauty? (we've just thought of that)

* measurements are approximate
* please note that a small crack developed in the wood as it dried, such are the perils of using green timber, but where some remains in the rim of the bowl it has been solidly filled and glued so is completely stable. See final picture.