Frankenbowl (sweet chestnut burr)

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Sweet chestnut burr Frankenbowl

Materials: Sweet chestnut burr, copper
Height: 100mm
Diameter: 240mm

From the moment I found this sweet chestnut burr inexplicably lying at the base of an oak tree I knew it would be an odd project.
So, at great risk to my fingers, I turned it, sanded and coloured it, lacquered it and then, just as I was reaching for the power switch for the final time it flew off the lathe, hit the floor and split in two.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I spent a moment or two contemplating crying, but settled instead for some inventive Anglo Saxon words and a large gin and tonic.

But then I had a cunning plan. The following day I rummaged around the workshop and dug out some epoxy, copper wire, a drill, and some pliers...

Introducing Frankenbowl.
The artiest thing to come out of Woodsmithery Towers to date :)

* measurements are approximate