About us

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Based in South Staffordshire, UK, Woodsmithery is a small artisan craft operation with woodturning at its heart. 

Producing wooden bowls, jewellery, boxes, platters and art from a variety of local timbers as well as exotics from around the world, Woodsmithery is just two people - Murray and Dawn - with the former making the mess and his better 51% doing everything else. 

Woodsmithery started in early 2017 some months after Dawn's dad turned up out-of-the-blue with an old Rexon WL-12a lathe for reasons that are still unclear to this day.

Union Graduate woodturning lathe

Not having turned anything before, Murray set about learning everything he could from YouTube and books, and when a friend generously offered to give a bowl a new home in exchange for actual money, he decided to take the ball and run with it, so to speak. 

These days, having upgraded to a quarter-ton 1950s British-made Union Graduate lathe, he is a proud member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB) and is also a member of Burcot Woodturners in Worcestershire. He has lost more blood to woodturning than he cares to remember and has scars on his fingers to prove it.

Dawn has a real-world full-time job to keep her busy, but is also Woodsmithery's unpaid web monkey, general IT-support, PA, accountant, Excel guru, customer liaison, craft-fair-table-setter-upperer... etc.

To get in touch with questions, suggestions or requests, please take a look at the Get In Touch page, where you can also find links to Woodsmithery on Facebook and Instagram.